Our President

Mohammed Younus Siddiqui is the founder President of All India Muslim Unity Front, he is graduated from Delhi University. He was involved in political activities since his early student life. He started his political career as the students’ leader in Delhi University.

He is the Secretary General of Non Aligned Students and Youth Movements (NASYM)

He participated in many national and provincial elections to affect the Muslim voters. After assessing and analyzing the Muslims condition in the country and Muslim organizations apathy to their political needs he decided to launch Muslim Political council of India in 1992.

He is always coordinating with various Indian Muslim organizations in his quest to forge unity among Muslim community and work unitedly on issues pertaining to the community.

He is also the President of All India Babri Masjid Rebuilding Committee (AIBMRC), Secretary General, Non- Aligned Students and Youth Movements (NASYM), Advisor, Real Cause, NGO, Chief Editor, Voice of Millions News Agency

He has also toured various countries and attended international conferences on Palestine and other issues in the world.

He is a blunt and open orator on political issues and politics and a writer, journalist with an open and fearless pen, compiled many articles published in national and international journals and newspapers. He is also a media commentator and political analyst appearing on various national and international news channels across the world. He is also Chief Editor of Voice of Millions News Agency. www.voiceof millions.info

He has dedicated whole of his life for the cause of Social work, peace, humanity and against terrorism.

He also working to establish a university in India to impart religious and modern technical education under one roof. His target of life is to create a full fledged media house for Indian Muslims in the times to come. Mohammed Younus Siddiqui can be contacted directly on



Mobile: +91 9891442695